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1. Officer will ensure that all students in the department (100-500levels, MSc, Postgraduate, Diploma, Part-time & other special programme students in the department) knows about VOUSAG.
2. Officer will engage in VOUSAG awareness and publicity at departmental levels through online class groups, other specialized platforms and physical awareness like pasting of information, fliers on departmental notice board.
3. Officer will ensure that students in the department register their membership with the organization either by directing to the website or using hard copy forms and collate for entries.
4. Officer shall oversee VOUSAG Departmental meeting as will be scheduled and approved by the field ambassador.
5. Officer shall ensure that VOUSAG members in the department are active at all times.
6. Officer shall send report of any arising issues in the department to the field office.
7. Officer shall help to recommend persons for field staff adviser (Lecturer) or board of reference member (Professor) if any is to come from his/her department.
8. Officer will help the field office with verification of membership details as it concerns respective departments.
9. Officer will submit names of members who are in need of welfare to the field welfare officer.
10. Officer will always give details of student statistics and number in the department to the field office which will help the organization to plan for membership increment.
11. Officer will work with the field secretary in the aspects of necessary documents (Membership letter verification, letters for prospective staff advisers and BOR members) needed for operations in the department.
12. Officer will provide real time information of current happenings in the department to the field information officer.
13. Officer will refer financial transactions (Membership regulatory fees payment, VOUSAG operations fees) requests to the financial officer or direct them to visit the organization website.
14. Work with membership affairs officer on new membership request by students who are willing to be part of VOUSAG or understand their benefits as a member.
15. Work with the date regulatory officer to pick date for departmental membership meetings.
16. Work with the security officer to relate matters of intellectual treats, bullying, and oppression arising in the department.
17. Work with transport officer to provide details of students who needs VOUSAG transport services.
18. Provide the sport officer with names of interested students in any VOUSAG sport.
19. Work with the re-orientation officer to help students in the department understands VOUSAG.
20. Work with biography officer to help students in the departments understands the effect of biography.
21. Ensure that questions that arises through VOUSAG publication be directed to the publication officer. Officer will also ensure that students who want to contribute to field publication have their write ups reviewed.
22. Provide research officer with intended research topics from students in the department.
23. Send names of nominated members for awards and others to the nomination officers.
24. Report all urgent cases as regards students in the department to the field legal officer.
25. Send all intended purchase request for field merchandise in the department to sales operations officer.
26. Work with photography officer to give information on suitable time for photo shots in the department.

1. Candidate must be a registered student in the field.
2. Candidate must be a registered member of VOUSAG.
3. Candidate must have a clean track record.
4. Candidate must be resident in the field.
5. Candidate must not occupy any position like class representative or departmental excos.
6. Candidate must provide letter of permission/awareness from parent or guardian.

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